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“With precise direction, conductor Donato Cabrera drew a taut, highly responsive performance eliciting rich, luminous tone from the ensemble.” – Chicago Classical Review

“Tall and energetic, he’s a passionate, heart-on-the-sleeve conductor, with eclectic musical tastes and a wealth of experience.” – San Jose Mercury News

“the orchestra under Music Director Donato Cabrera surged through the concert with astonishing assurance and Intricacy” – San Francisco Classical Voice

“Cabrera’s approach was a study in restraint, lending crescendos power, heightening the drama of the music.” – Strings Magazine

“The artistic and music director of the California Symphony since 2013, Donato Cabrera is a leading light in the local cultural scene.” – Diablo Magazine

Batuta de Donato Cabrera guiará 4° concierto sinfónico de Orquesta UdeC

Diario Concepción – May 2024

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El Maestro Mexicano Donato Cabrera Regresa A Concepción Para Dirigir A La Orquesta Sinfónica

Hora 12 – May 2024

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Five Questions for Donato Cabrera

Diablo Magazine; Deborah Kirk – April 2024

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Houston Symphony celebrates classical music’s rich Hispanic legacy with Fiesta Sinfónica concert

Houston Public Media ; Celeste Schurman– October 2023

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Guest Conductor Strides To Success In NHSO Concert

New Haven Independent; Adam Matlock – January 2023

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Cal Symphony closes season with a starry-starry world premier

The Mercury News; Georgia Rowe – May 2023

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Donato Cabrera celebrates 10 years of innovation at Cal Symphony

The Mercury News; Georgia Rowe – November 2022

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Conductor Donato Cabrera: Enthusiasm and Artistic Finesse

San Francisco Classical Voice; Jeff Kaliss – September 2022

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Hispanic Heritage: Maestro Donato Cabrera discusses connecting with his own culture through music

KLAS 8 News Now; Hector Mejia – September 2020

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Jóhann Jóhannsson's Drone Mass Mesmerizes Duke Audience

Cultural Voice of North Carolina; Jeffrey Rossman – March 2017

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